Removing Mold From Your Home

JYMRSA uses the most advanced and comprehensive mold remediation protocols ever developed for residential use. Our service does not use an alcohol or bleach-based product to clean mold from your home, nor does it use soda blasting or dry ice remediation. We also do not use standard anti-microbial products to rid your home of mold and mildew.

Instead, we adapted for our use a recently declassified technology developed for the United States military. Our treatment safely removes mold, germs, mildew and fungus while being easily cleaned up. The procedure is safe on textiles and other items in the home and allows for homeowners to be back in their house in just hours.

What is unique about the clear liquid solution is that it is EPA approved, eco-friendly, non-flammable and non-corrosive, but when delivered with our technology the treatment kills mold, mildew and other germs and fungus.

We use our technology to remove mold from your home in several ways:

  • Dehumidification: We can eliminate the moisture that is feeding the mold.
  • Spray/fog application: Effectively killing substrate mold and airborne spores.
  • Negative Ventilation: Vacate any excess product.
  • Bio-Reveal testing: On-site testing to ensure the mold has been rendered non-viable.
  • Lasting Inhibitors: Our product also has an invisible layer of protection that stops future mold growth.
  • Non-Damaging: Our product does not harm walls, floors, carpeting, electronics, paint, house wares.
  • Our comprehensive procedure to remove mold in a home addresses all areas where it can form, including walls, air ducts, floors and even carpets.

    We also go one step further in that our mold remediation treatment strives to also neutralize mold health threats and create an environment where mold can’t grow back for years.

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